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Willowbrook Driving Range

Willowbrook’s golf practice facility is one of the finest offered in Western New York featuring three practice putting greens, a practice 100 yard hole and a full sized driving range to keep your skills sharp and practice your long ball.

Driving Range Rates

Large BucketA lot of golf balls to drive as far as possible$8
Medium BucketQuick way to hit a few before you hit the course$5
Small BucketGreat for a quick tune of your driving skills$3
Annual Range PassFull season access to Driving Range & Practice Greens$325
Student Season Pass for Golf and RangeGood for school students ages 22 and under. Golf is limited to anytime Monday-Friday and after 1pm Sunday and Holidays.$450

Going to the driving range is one of the best ways to practice your game. However, you don’t want to go to the driving range and just start hitting away. You should work on perfecting your swing developing your skills with several of your clubs.

Golf Swing Tips

Start off with your 5-iron. A middle iron is a good club to start off with because it is not hard to swing, nor does it require too much tough. Place the ball on the golf matt and pick out a spot about 150 yards away. There will either be a flag there to mark the distance or a practice green. See how many times you can hit your spot out of 10 shots. You are trying to build a repeatable swing.
Put your 5-iron back and start hitting with your 3-iron. A 3-iron is a good club to use on a fairway shot of 175 yards or more. It requires a full hip turn, but the golfer does not need to try to swing harder or faster. Work on your pacing when swinging with the 3-iron. Pick out a spot about 190 to 200 yards away and see how close you can get to it with 10 swings.
Pick your driver up now that you have used your 3- and 5-irons. You are loose enough to swing your driver. Realize that if you try to swing as hard as you can you will not be able to keep the ball straight. Concentrate on a smooth, even swing and realize the club will do the work for you. Your goal is to keep the ball as straight as possible. Hit 10 balls and see if you can keep them straight.
Take one of your short irons out of the bag and work on your pitch shot. Your 9-iron or pitching wedge are the best clubs to use when pitching to the green. Most driving ranges have a green to aim at about 70 yards from where you are hitting. Your club will do the work, but remember to break your wrists upon impact to make the ball fly high in the air. See how many times you hit the green in 10 shots.
Take a club that you normally do not use in a round of golf and give it a try on the driving range. You may not use a 3-wood very often so you probably don’t fee very confident with it. Swing it 15 to 20 times when you are on the range to see if you can get comfortable with it, and use it in a competitive round.

Hints and Warnings

Alternate clubs when at the driving range. Take 10 swings with each club and then change clubs. Don’t blindly swing. It’s not about how far you can drive it but building a consistent, controlled swing.

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