Where to buy ED medications in New York

Find the ED pharmacy you’re looking for with our help. We’ve put together a shortlist of New York pharmacies that offer a wide selection of erectile dysfunction medications.

1. New York City Pharmacy
Rating: 4.9 (47 reviews)

“The place is good business, and the staff is really great every time I have been here; they are the same, always ready to help.”

New York City Pharmacy is the best customer service ever. He really tries to help you with what you need. But, call before you go. The hours are not accurate, and the clinic closes before the hours posted.”

2. New London Pharmacy
Rating: 4.8 (79 reviews)

“Rude BEYOND measure at New London Pharmacy. Not to mention, I was told I had a 35 minute wait time only to be waiting for TWO HOURS and still waiting at this moment. Very upset about the service here.”

“These guys are super nice and treat you like you want to be treated. Also, they are very fast and efficient when it comes to filling your medication…i would certainly recommend this pharmacy to anyone!!! Great place. The cashier gave me 30% off my purchase cause I had to wait in line for longer than usual.”

3. ViaQX Pharmacy
Rating: 4.8 (13 reviews)

“Excellent service. Tim is always available to answer questions and to provide advice. Customers, not just a number. Really nice customer-centric local independent pharmacy. ViaQX is one of those places you buy ED meds safely.”

“Local business. Friendly staff. Ready to help. Handicap parking and access. Very kind staff and always going that extra mile to make sure you feel like you’re priority number one.”

4. Downtown Pharmacy
Rating: 4.4 (38 reviews)

“Most of the pharmacy team here do not want to help trans folks with their doctor prescribed hormones and are incredibly rude and purposefully and repeatedly misgender patients.”

“Great customer service! Better than Cvs and grocery pharmacies. Downtown Pharmacy is the greatest. They mail my scripts to AL so fast. So very professional!! I’ve been with them since 2009.”

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